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Do You Need A Trunk Unlock locksmith?

Firstly, trunk Unlock locksmith, as “Oh, no.

Secondly, moments go, locking your keys in the trunk can rank right up there.

Unlike your car doors.

Trunks are designed to be nearly impregnable.

There’s no place to slip in a coat hanger or slim-Jim.

And even if there were, the locking mechanism can’t be grabbed.

Trunk Unlock Locksmith - Locked Out Of My Car Locksmith | Auto Locksmith | Trunk Unlock Locksmith In Boston

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And pulled to open.

Are you starting to understand.

Why did safety experts recommend locking valuables in your trunk.

Fortunately, one simple act might save you a lot of headaches.

Unlock your car doors before opening your trunk.

Nearly all cars have a trunk release in the passenger compartment somewhere.

It may be in the driver-side door.

In the glove box or console.

Or in or under the dashboard, but it’s probably in there somewhere.


If you’re lucky enough to get inside your car.

You may find that the trunk lock needs power from the ignition in order to work.

And that means you need your key but it’s locked in the trunk.

Now you have a bigger problem.

There are ways to pop out the switch.

And use a jumper from a light switch or the car’s battery to activate the lock.

But chances are you won’t have.

What you need to do it unless you keep insulated wire.

And tools handy and know how to activate the switch.

And even if you do, where do you keep your toolkit.

In the trunk, of course.

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You can also try removing the back seat to get access.

To the trunk and fish around for the keys.

Trunk Unlock Locksmith - Auto Locksmith MA | Auto Locksmith | Trunk Unlock Locksmith In Boston

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Or actually, crawl into the trunk and use its interior safety latch to open it.

Of course, it’s probably dark in there so you can’t see.

And you may not have an opening large enough to crawl through.

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Why waste time, money and aggravation.

Not to mention possible damage to your car’s electronics or interior.

When help is just a call away.

The Auto Locksmith Boston Hometown Locksmiths have the necessary knowledge.

And equipment to solve your trunk lockout dilemmas.

Do You Need A Trunk Unlock locksmith?

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Trunk Unlock
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